Musculoskeletal related products

Meditechnik Ltd supplies digital ultrasound scanners with appropriate high image quality.For real time  scans of joints, muscle and tendons and ligaments. Diagnostic Ultrasound systems for Muscular Skeletal Imaging that can be used in clinical settings. Reducing needs to “knobology” issues to concentrate on the Real time Ultrasound scanning

Having excellent user interface for any experienced or a new operator, a well design ultrasound scanner allows dynamic functional observations under active and relaxed status of complex muscular activities. Having advanced techniques of real time Ultrasound, patients can benefit from detailed examinations of muscular skeletal system. Real time diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging of Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Ankle and Calf muscle, tendons, and nerves. Clear dynamic and static imaging of the normal and abnormal tissue, sheet, ligament conditions, calcifications, identifying joints, damages, and injuries.allows disgnostic treatments, Additional medical applications for advanced users of ultrasound scanners allows to perform guided injections, and general joint pain managment.

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